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Computerized Multi-Needle Quilting Machine (BDNWS-1 Shuttleless)

Computerized Multi-Needle Quilting Machine (BDNWS-1 Shuttleless)
Model: BDNWS-1
Unit: set
Min order: 1
Product Description:
This machine is mainly used for quilting high-grade mattress panel ,bedding products and housing decoration etc, available with plentiful patterns .Its feature as: multi-span independent pattern(including 360°and 180°quilting pattern); auto stop for needle thread and hook thread ,auto needle positioner , CNC speed adjustor , CE certificated security protection system ,; strong steel machine base,high machine work speed ,stable ,less noisy ,no bump ; No change on presser board even if when panel fabric thickness changed much ; Latest computer controlling system ,precise quilting,no too much parameter setting ,neither pattern change in quiliting process .CAD drawing precise ,convenient and fast.Strong pattern combination and multi-span performance makes it available to quilting different patterns on different size mattress .Machine detector and indicator make it easily to be known .
Technique parameter:
Quilting width 2450mm
Needle bar spacing 50.8,76.2,127(5”);76.2,76.2,152.4(6”)
Needle hole distance 25.4
X stroke X 430
Max. thickeness 50mm (180°pattern)
Step length 3-6
Production speed 45~180M/h
Needle type 24/180, 23/160,22/140,21/130
Main shaft speed 650~930 rpm
Motor power 5.0KW
Voltage 380V/50Hz, 220V/60Hz
Machine weight 4000Kg
Machine size L4715×W1200×H1925mm

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