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Foam Contour Cutting Machine (BFXQ-1 Manual)

Foam Contour Cutting Machine (BFXQ-1 Manual)
Model: BFXQ-1
Unit: set
Min order: 1
Product Description:
This machine is mainly used for slice cutting of special shape foam, utilizing different shape moulds pre made .It can be used for column, round ,pillowcase etc. special shape foam making
Technique parameter:
Model no. BFXQ-1-6200 BFXQ-1-6900
Max. cutting width W1200×L1200mm W1500×L1200mm
Max. cutting height 600mm 600mm
Total motor power 1.6KW 1.6KW
Blade length 6200mm 6900mm
Machine weight 1000Kg 1100Kg
Machine dimension L2520×W2700×H950mm L3000×W2600×H950mm

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