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Mattress Handle Attaching Machine (BLF)

Mattress Handle Attaching Machine (BLF)
Model: BLF
Unit: set
Min order: 1
Product Description:
This machine is specialized for attaching the handle strap to a mattress border , it is characterized with fully automatic both end folding , handle feeding ,positioning ,auto sewing , convenient operation , high-accuracy positioning system and beautiful sewing stitch . U disk attached with this machine is of various different patterns , users may select favorite freely . Main components and parts of this machine are fully Japanese made as: Sewing head parts and SMC cylinders . 
Technique parameter:
Sewing head lock stitch(double capacity)
Attaching area 220*(50*50)mm
Work table size 1210*580mm
Needle stitch 3mm, 4mm or 5mm
Max. sewing speed 2500rpm
Max. sewing thickness 9.5mm
Total power 600W

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