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Mattress Handle Manufacturing Machine (BLS)

Mattress Handle Manufacturing Machine (BLS)
Model: BLS
Unit: set
Min order: 1
Product Description:
This machine is a specialized equipment for mattress handle strap forming(multi-sewing) and cutting . It adopts multi-needle chain stitch sewing head ,mechanical strap cutting , complete coil raw material feeding and auto fabric folding system . It is our latest newly developed style product for mattress handle manufacturing system .
Technique parameter:
Raw material width 75mm
Stitching needle space 6.3mm*N (double or 4 thread sewing)
Finished handle width 120-1200 rpm55mm
Strap cutting length Equipped with specialized raw fabric folding system
Max. sewing thickness 6.0mm
Remarks Equipped with specialized raw fabric folding system

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