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Tape Edge Machine (BWB-3 300U Chain Stitch)

Tape Edge Machine (BWB-3 300U Chain Stitch)
Model: BWB-3
Unit: set
Min order: 1
Product Description:
This machine is mainly for sewing mattress tape edge .It can also be used for others as: Bed quilts,soft sofa cushion and sleeping bags . Its permance as: electric table lift ,strong independent central support ,stable work table ,auto corner speed slow down(Panasonci inverter) ,bottom inside rotary hook and no special requirement for installing space .
Technique parameter:
Sewing head work angle 35°-55°
Walk carriage speed 5.5-1.6M/min
Mattress thickness 50-300mm ,150-400mm ,250-500mm
Table size 1400×1950mm(standard) ,1550×2050mm ;1800×2050mm
Max. sewing head speed 3000rpm
Work efficiency 10-20 mattress/hour
Total power 1.30Kw

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