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tape edge machine(BWB-6 2 Servo ,Chain Stitch, 300U )

tape edge machine(BWB-6  2 Servo ,Chain Stitch, 300U )
Model: BWB-6
Unit: set
Min order: 1
Product Description:
This machine is mainly for high-class thick mattress making , it is especially suitable for pillow top mattress making . Walking carriage and sewing head are all driven by servo motor , and controlled by PLC program. This machine has 3 normal sewing speed selection, 3 stitching length, operators may select it freely according to skill . Frame tracks adpts special arranged high precision processed steels materials, which makes machine running more stable and service lift durable . Sewing head of this machine can be lift up and down vertically , corner speed auto slow down , all make operation of this machine simple and convenient.
Technique parameter:
Sewing head type Chain Stitch
Max Sewing speed: 3000r/min.
Sewing head work angle 30°~58°(adjustable)
Table lift range: 0-200mm
Sewing head lift type vertically up and down
Sewing head lift control by precision linear potentiometer
Available mattress thickness 50~700mm
Work table size 1600*2000mm,1800*2000mm , 2000*2000mm
Walk carriage control type Electromagnet clutch
Work efficiency 10~15 mattress/hour(depending on skill)
Walk Carriage speed 7-13.8M/min
Toal motor power 2.05KW

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