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Tape Edge Machine(BWB-4B)

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This machine is mainly used for sewing mattress .It is more automatic than the previous traditional type. It is characterized as: sewing head elevation adjustable , sewing head lift adjustable and sewing speed adjustable etc. .Work table of this machine is movable , PLC controlling system and artificial intelligence operation. During course of operation , mattress can auto walk , auto turn corner , auto flip , which increase sewing speed .Sewing head can be auto get down, auto decrease speed,auto recover after corner, which improve sewing quality so much and solve problem of traditional corner sewing involution .This machine can sewing the 4 mattress edges continuously ,then auto move mattress the regulated position to turn over , whole operation of this machine can be handled by only 1 operator , this machine not only increase work efficiency but also lighten labor intensity .
Sewing head type Chain Stitch
Sewing head elevation angle 25°~60°(adjustable)
Work table conveyor speed 10~14M/min
Available mattress thickness 100~400mm
Work efficiency 16~20 mattress/hour(depending on skill)
Air pressure 0.6~0.8MPa
Total motor power 3.0KW
Work table size 3750*1982mm

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